Pyschic Readings by Ange
Private Readings

I am a psychic medium and work using intuition, psychometry and spiritual guidance which means when reading for someone, I use my psychic ability and the messages from the spirit world. Messages appear with purpose to your present life from an intuitive level and my readings offer you direction and a way forward in your life’s journey.

Private face to face readings are done at my home in Safety Beach, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Cost of a reading:  30 mins ($60) or for 1 hour ($100)

This is not something I just started doing, I have been doing readings for people on and off for around 20 years and is something that I am very passionate about …

Love, Peace & Happiness

” This lovely, kind genuine woman has just took some time and gave me a fantastic reading that was so accurate, relevant, valid and gave me goosebumps! She told me things in words that meant no sense to her at all but made all the sense to me! I live 12,000 miles from her in Scotland and we facetimed I don’t know how u done it Ang but u were terrific and I feel so blessed Love and light to you Angela xxx ” —Janette.

” She is genuinely amazing. Has told me many things no-one else knew. ” —Leonie

” Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, So Much Ange for a, SPOT ON, reading today. So genuine, accurate, I felt very comfortable and what a gorgeous lady you are too. I am pleased of the things that came up for me. In time, I WILL be back for sure. Much LoVe to you Ange, I will most certainly recommend you to others.. (I wish Id arrived with a gift for you, but please know Im extremely grateful for your time and a quality reading) Have a lovely Christmas. Mwah xox ” —Kerrie.