Psychic Development and Meditation Classes

The following is what I will help you do to develop your spiritual path in the Psychic Development and Meditation Classes

  • Use creative visualisation and meditation to develop your spiritual insight.
  • Learn how to relax, stay positive and energised
  • Learn Love, Peace & Happiness
  • Teach you how to tune into your intuition.
  • We will be working at reading energies of others.
  • We will need to learn the importance of protection, clearing and grounding,
  • develop greater confidence in your own intuitive and spiritual abilities.

By participating in the Psychic Development and Meditation Classes, you will also meet and become friends with like minded people who offer each other support every step of the way.

If this is something you may be interested in doing, please do not hesitate in calling Ange to find out more.

Classes held at Safety Beach and only $15 per session

Love, Peace & Happiness



Limited Readings Available this Week!

Can't make it? FaceTime or Messenger readings can be arranged.

Call Ange on 0407 807 061